Basics of a Plan

Health insurance can be confusing. Figuring it out can be quite an adventure, and it helps to have someone by your side.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans wants to help you navigate this tricky terrain. So, we made these videos. In a minute or less, we tell you about basic insurance terms and what they really mean. No high paid Hollywood actors. No slick production. Just us - the people who live where you live and work where you work - helping you along your health care journey.

Watch & Learn!


Steve explains your "Premium" and proves that babies don't come from the stork - they come from envelope icons.

Watch what Premium means


Gabriela provides the friendliest explanation of "Copay" that you'll ever get!

Copay Explained

Cost Sharing and Coinsurance

Amy gives you a simple picture to explain what "Cost Sharing" and "Coinsurance" mean for you and your bill.

Cost Sharing & Co-Insurance


Most of us are familiar with this term, although maybe you don't really get it, so Monique takes it a step further and describes how "Deductible" fits into your overall plan.

What is a Deductible

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

We're not sure if it's how happy Darren is or the easy-to-understand drawing that makes this often misunderstood term as clear as the Colorado sky, but either way - you'll get it!

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Covered Services

"Covered" doesn't necessarily mean free. Wendy tells you what it actually means in the health insurance world.

We Cover All of This

Included Services

"Included Services" can help you get the most out of your plan. So what is "Included"? Amy reveals.

What is Included?


In less than 30 seconds, Monique tells you what an "Ancillary Product" is. (Hint: unless you're a linguist, it's probably not what you think it is.)

The meaning of Ancillary